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About Us

Redwing was founded in 2011 to continue the delivery of business intelligence programmes to organisations throughout England and Wales. The two principal have amassed a total of sixty years experience in the business, and most recently, twenty years apiece in business intelligence. 


We created Evolutionary Development Methodology®, which is the latest evolution of EDM.  It was originally developed in Canada in the 1980s.  It has been through several iterations, culminating in the latest version, EDM®

EDM® has been developed specifically for business intellligence.   Is is based on these principles:

  • Evolutionary.  Each chunk of business value provided to the business – each Release – builds upon previous work.  Each outer spiral iteration adds new business value to the business. 
  • Incremental.  In all respects, EDM development work is step-by-step.
  • Collaborative.  The work is driven by business needs and information consumer requirements, with the business users playing vital parts in the development process.
  • Iterative.  Each inner spiral iteration adds value to the work being delivered.

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